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Self Funded

Instead of paying an insurance company to pay the claims (and keep any profits) a self-funded employer or plan puts money into a trust fund that is regulated by the federal government, and that trust fund pays the claims and keeps any profits on behalf of the plan.


In order to protect the employer from the financial burden under a partially self-funded plan, it is recommended that reinsurance or stop loss coverage is purchased in order to limit and cap the liability that the employer has under this agreement.   


Third Party Administration selection is very important part of the self- funding process. If you don't have a TPA that will play the same game, it's hard to change anything. 

Network Selection

Selecting the right network for your group benefits is one of the single most important decisions. Let us guide you through the pros and cons of using the BUCAH's.

Self-Funded vs. Level Funding 

Partially self-funded plans offer an alternative to traditional health insurance plans. It allows companies to budget for small predictable claims while protecting the group against unpredictable catastrophic claims, through the purchase of stop-loss protection.  

We help our clients in 3 ways:

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Matsock helps reduce your costs and improve your productivity, EBITDA, and ownership valuation by attacking the financial leakage that exists inside your firm. This allows you to recapture wasted capital to grow and invest in your business.  

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