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The Blueprint Process

We believe that it's important to learn every aspect of your business and culture before making any recommendations. During our discovery phase, we focus on the expectations and goals for your employee benefits. After we get to know you and your company, we design a customized Blueprint with an assessment of how we can improve your KPI(s). The Blueprint is the framework to achieve success and help you execute your goals and expectations. We focus on these five areas to help improve your experience with employee benefits.  

Communication Education

Employers are the "estate Planner" for their employees. 90% of employees count on employers to evaluate, endorse and prioritize benefit offerings. Education should be interactive, engaging, and delivered by and impartial source. 

Cost Management

Explore viable plan alternatives & Funding strategies including wellness strategies including telemedicine, Stop-Loss, RX solutions, and Medical Bill Review. 


The Policies we put in place should keep their promises to your employees. 

Efficiency Technology

Technology is only a tool. It allows us to be more efficient but can never replace the "human touch". 


Compliance activity volume is often not large enough to ever become a core competence of the organization. It's the least expensive, easiest and safest thing to outsource. 


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The Blueprint Process


The Blueprint Process